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Shrink Bundling Films from PolyKing

Shrink Bundling Films

Are you currently using corrugated to pack your products?

Would you like to reduce your packaging costs and/or reduced your carbon footprint?

Do you already utilize Shrink Bundling Film in your packaging operation?

Paying too much?

Call us to find out how we can help you accomplish these goals!

Whether your goal is to reduce distribution costs or enhance your product’s image on the retail shelf - or both - we have a film solution to fit. From our initial consultation through the quotation process and delivery, we’ll make it easy to secure quality Shrink Bundling Film at a great price.

  • We can manufacture from 2 inch wide single wound sheeting up to 20 feet
  • With film thickness from .0005 to .008 mil
  • Clear or printed...
  • Hi slip to no slip for freezer or non freezer applications
  • 3" cores and 6" cores

Ask about our cost reduction and carbon footprint reduction program.

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