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Flxtite Shrink Films from PolyKing Ecolene Biodegradable Polyolefin Shrink Films from PolyKing

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About Flxtite Flxtite Shrink Films from PolyKing

Flxtite Shrink Films, created as a new division in 2002 by AEP Industries, Inc., was purchased by Folene Packaging LLC in late 2008.

Flxtite was conceived and established to fill the need for a source of cost-effective, yet high quality, retail display shrink films.

Today, the full line of Flxtite biaxially-oriented polyolefin shrink films, in cross-linked and multi-layer grades, has become well known, and highly respected, as a family of premium quality value-added shrink films.

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About Ecolene Ecolene Biodegradable Polyolefin Shrink Films from PolyKing

FOLENE Packaging LLC is proud to announce the introduction of ECOLENE biodegradable polyolefin shrink film with the following properties:

  • Fully biodegradable in 9 months to 5 years
  • Fully biodegradable wherever disposed of, and where other materials are biodegrading ( anaerobically and aerobically) In Landfillls In Compost Buried in the ground or littered Agricultural and erosion control settings
  • Fully recyclable
  • Do not use heat, light, or stress to break down
  • Do not require special handling
  • Do not contain heavy metals
  • Maintain the same desired characteristics as traditional, non-degradable, polyolefin shrink films
  • Available in same sizes, gauges and roll lengths as standard polyolefin shrink films
  • Cost effective

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